High-quality stamping foils are our passion

Quality Management

You as a customer always rank first! Therefore, we offer you expert advice, a large selection of various stamping foil grades and the shortest delivery time possible. 

Our films and foils are mostly produced in Germany. Germany has been our company location for over 100 years. In films which are manufactured outside Germany, we pay particular attention to a consistent high quality of raw materials and production.


We only use exclusive raw materials which are registered or already passed the registration. This also applies to our foils from non-European countries. The foils themselves are classified under the EU Regulation 1907/2006 from 18.12.2006 (REACH Regulation) as products and are thus not subject to registration.

For our customers this means that, under normal conditions of use of our stamping foils for the finishing of your products, REACH compliance is already achieved without any further activity necessary.

 Download current REACH declaration: download

Code of Conduct

Burger Bros. GmbH & Co. KG is aware of its social responsibility and adheres to international codes of conduct.

Our business activities is based on defined legal and ethical standards. Well-being of our employees is very important for us. We always respect the environment. Operation of our plant and equipment is supervised in compliance with the legal regulations. 

We would be glad to advise you personally and are look forward to receiving your inquiry.

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