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We, Burger Bros. Foil Stamping Factory, are a traditional owner-managed company with a high technological standard, strong performance and pronounced focus on our customers’ needs.

Our know-how and expertise in the field of stamping foils engineering has grown over the decades. It enables us to fulfil most of our customers' wishes.

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History of the company


On November 20th 1899, the Metallin Bronze Printing Inks trademark was entered into the trademark register at the imperial patent office registered for the company of Burger Bros. At this time Ludwig Burger, the founder of the company, entered his business with bronze, real gold leaf, sheet metal, bronze colours and accessories into the offical Company Register. Already at this time, the company marketed its product worldwide, even in Asia.


After the end of the First World War, the son, Alexander Burger, returned to the family business of his parents and developed it further.


The first developments of hot stamping foil appear in America and find their way to Germany. The chemist Ludwig Burger and his son Alexander recognise the importance of the new technology and develop it further. Good quality and counsel make the innovation to a formula for success.


To strengthen the business, Inge Burger starts to work at the company.


After Alexander Burger’s death, his wife Annemarie Burger and their now married daughter Inge and her husband Helmut Gassner successfully continue to head the family business. In addition to the development of new machines, the product range is also extended.


The new company building in Obermeierstrasse was completed.


In addition to the shoe industry, new lines of business begin to open up. For example, the development of wreath ribbon stamping foils is increasingly promoted.


After completing his mechanical engineering and industrial engineering studies and following several years of professional experience, Alexander Gassner starts to work for the company as CEO.


His wife Renate Gassner also joins the team after her Law School Graduation and Degree in Business.


Burger Bros. oHG celebrates its 100th anniversary.


A new warehouse is built at the company's premises.


The company's name is changed to Gebrüder Burger GmbH & Co. KG Prägefoliefabrik and the respective record in the commercial register is updated.


Completion of a new exhaust-air purification plant.

Helmut Gassner

Helmut Gassner

Alexander Burger

Alexander Burger

Ludwig Burger

Ludwig Burger